Here are a few updates we’d like to pass along from the Geist Lake Coalition board and the Geist Conservancy District Steering Committee. We hope to be communicating with you more often on legal updates and our lake treatment program in coming months. If you have neighbors not receiving our email communications, please “forward” to them and invite them to sign-up at

2020 Lake Treatment Program

Our email blast and the letter mailing went out last week and we are already receiving several responses and checks. Just as a reminder, the Geist Lake Coalition’s treatment map will only include properties where we receive a contribution from that property owner.

Led by Keith Matthews (317-507-6321) and Ryan Kiely (317-625-6762), the Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Program looks to begin the first week of June, so we need all payments in by May 15.

For more information on the Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Program visit our website, This year, the GLC is suggesting that lakefront homeowners contribute a minimum of $1,000 per property toward the treatment of Geist Reservoir. The GLC is a 501C(3) organization, your donations could be tax deductible. (Consult your tax advisor)

You can make your contribution three different ways:

1. Mail a check made payable to the “Geist Lake Coalition” to PO Box 103, Fishers, IN 46038 (Please indicate your home address on the check’s memo line)

2. Call or text our Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Chairs for in-person payment.

3. Online: Utilize the secure PayPal link on our website and click on “pay now” or utilize our Venmo account at @GeistLake-Coalition

We are hopeful that this is the final year of our voluntary lake treatment program.  We hope that with our continued efforts, the successful formation of the Geist Conservancy District could assume the responsibility and work to implement a long range, sustainable plan. 

Conservancy District Update

Prior to the COVID-19 shelter in place order, the Hamilton County Courts scheduled a June 12 hearing to review our paperwork. Last week, Citizens Energy petitioned the Courts to move this hearing date back past July 1st because that is the date that our new SB 430 Conservation District Law goes into effect. Both Citizens Energy and the Geist Lake Coalition want to ensure that the new Geist Conservation District is formed under this new legislation, so today we agreed to this new timeline and both parties await a new hearing date from the Courts.

Just to be clear, this initial hearing is merely a procedural hearing in the Hamilton County Courts to review our petitions and paperwork. The public hearing on the merits of the Geist Conservation District is in front of the National Resources Commission later.

We are also aware of the misinformation being proliferated by a small group of future remonstrators primarily on They do not have legal representation and they have aligned themselves with the Marina Limited Partnership in their ongoing fight against the Geist Conservancy District. While they may post legal documents and proceedings online and pontificate that they are somehow “winning the fight against the GCD”, in reality they are merely sitting on the sidelines cheering MLP on to squash the only plan to care for the future of Geist Reservoir. 

Thank you!

On behalf of our all-volunteer board, Geist Conservancy District Steering Committee, and the countless volunteers and supporting businesses in the Geist area, we thank you for your support!