Living on or around a lake brings a lot of benefits. Whether it’s fishing, boating, sunsets, swimming, or any other water fun, there’s plenty to celebrate about lake life. And when it’s well taken care of, Geist Lake can increase the value of your home. 

If you live on or around the lake, it’s in your best interest to take care of it! It just takes a few thoughtful considerations to take care of the intricate lake ecosystem and keep it healthy and thriving. We’ve put together a few best practices for lake care. 

Eliminate Phosphorus Fertilizers

We know the hard work that it takes to create and maintain a great-looking lawn but think carefully about the types of chemicals you use to keep it green. If your backyard runs up against the water’s edge, anything you add to your lawn will inevitably end up in the lake. When it rains, the water runoff takes all the excess pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and carries it straight into the lake. 

The best course of action for the lake environment and all its inhabitants would be to keep your lawn care chemicals to a minimum. However, if you choose to use fertilizers, definitely avoid anything that contains phosphorus. That’s the number one mineral that can harm the lake and even lead to harmful algae blooms

Properly Dispose of Household Chemicals

All you DIYers out there probably have a garage full of various cans of old paint, solvents, cleaners, oils, or thinners stashed from projects that you probably don’t need. For the sake of the lake and our groundwater, don’t pour them out on your lawn! The same runoff rule applies here. If you dump it out on the ground, it will end up in the lake. Be sure to dispose of all your household chemicals properly. Be sure to check how to properly dispose of your households’ hazardous waste here

Don’t Burn Near the Water

If you live on the lake, please don’t burn brush or leaves in an area where ashes would get into the lake water. The ash left from burning wood is very high in phosphorus and harmful to the waterfront ecosystem. You should keep your firepit at least 50 feet away from the lake.

Keep Natural Debris Out

Something else to keep out of the water is the natural debris, such as grass clippings and leaves. While it might be easier to just push your raked leaves into the lake, it’s no good for the plant and animal life that finds a home so close to yours. This can also cause a buildup of sediment deposition in Geist lake which can lead to other problems.

Properly Dispose Pet Waste 

Improper disposal of pet waste not only jeopardizes water quality but your health as well. Pet waste contains phosphorus and might also contain disease-causing organisms, Pick up pet waste in the yard or near the shore and dispose of it properly.

Let’s all take care of the lake together so we can continue to enjoy the recreational, ecological, and financial benefits of Geist Lake! 

If you are interested in protecting the lake’s health, make sure you sign the petition today! We must come together to protect the local ecosystem for future generations as well as plants and animals!