2018 Geist districts
In the proposed Geist Conservancy District, nine representatives from these nine districts would govern the budget, priorities, and oversee the Lake Manager.

Under the proposed Geist Conservancy District, all stakeholders that receive benefit from our area’s greatest resource share the financial investment necessary to preserve it equally: District homeowners, those with deeded or rental docks, and recreational users. 

For homeowners in the District, their investment rate is based on the net assessed value of their home – just as property taxes are assessed. Those living on the water or with deeded boat docks would pay more than those that live off the water because their homes are typically valued higher.

All boaters, whether they are full-time residents with a deeded dock, rental dock users, or recreational users would need to purchase an annual boat sticker to place their boats in Geist Reservoir. Those that live in the Geist Conservancy District would pay less for this sticker since they are already paying through their property assessments. 

In addition to property assessments and user fees, the Geist Conservancy District will apply for state and federal grants that we currently either don’t qualify for or are limited on our disbursements due to Geist Reservoir having a private boat launch (owned by Marina Limited Partnership). A combination of all three of these revenue sources ensures a sustainable and equitable long-term solution for the future of Geist Reservoir.