Geist Reservoir is a shared asset for all in our community, meaning we all have a stake in its well-being. Additionally, all Geist Neighborhood property owners benefit in some fashion from having a healthy, prosperous Geist Reservoir.

If the reservoir continues to deteriorate, property values (both on and off the water) will decrease. The CD will provide a revenue mechanism to provide funds to improve and maintain the reservoir long-term.

Watch Mayor Scott Fadness and members of the Geist Steering Committee discuss the Conservancy District. They discuss the history of the Geist Lake Coalition, solving root issues like upstream sediment deposition issues and low depths through efforts like catch basins and dredging. 

For a reservoir conservancy district to be effective in carrying out vital programs, it must attain a meaningful level of funding. Funding sources will primarily include assessments of property located in the district and user fees. To maintain the lake in a sound physical condition, it is estimated that a budget of approximately $2 million per year is needed. That’s where Geist Reservoir Conservancy District comes in. 

This petition is the first step in creating the Geist Reservoir Conservancy District and the start of a process to create a structure through which the homeowners around Geist can speak with one voice. It will create an equitable and sustainable revenue stream to allow for the restoration, preservation, and protection of the reservoir.