Watch Tom Britt, CEO and Founder of Towne Post Network, Inc. and Cory Peter, Geist Lake Coalition Steering Committee Chair discuss all things conservancy district. Tune in to hear how Cory got involved with the Geist Lake Coalition, the progress they have made so far, and the timeline we’re working with.

Tom Britt and Cory Peter of the Geist Conservancy Steering Committee

For a reservoir conservancy district to be effective in carrying out vital programs, it must attain a meaningful level of funding. Funding sources will primarily include assessments of property located in the district and user fees. To maintain the lake in a sound physical condition, it is estimated that a budget of approximately $2 million per year is needed. That’s where Geist Reservoir Conservancy District comes in. The first step to establish the District is to get signatures for the petition.

Sign the petition now to get us closer to our goal of long-term, sustainable solutions for the benefit of current and future community members.

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