Historically, the Geist Lake Coalition has worked with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on various reservoir clean up and weed control projects through the State’s LARE (Lake & River Enhancement) grant program. According to Brian Hall, President of the Geist Lake Coalition, they have applied for and received moneys numerous times over the last 15 years for various projects around Geist Reservoir. These grants, however, have been less than $5,000 each year and required 50% matching funds by the GLC. Since Geist Reservoir is a private lake (owned by Citizens Energy) with a private launch (owned by Marina Limited Partnership), the GLC grant awards have been restricted to no more than $5,000 annually.

Funding for the LARE grant program comes solely from the annual permit boating stickers issued by DNR in Indiana. Ramp fees from any lake or reservoir, including Geist Reservoir, are not used to fund these grants.

Lastly, we confirmed with DNR and the LARE grant program director that Marina Limited pays $0 a year to the Indiana DNR or LARE grant fund from their boat launch fees. Since Geist Reservoir’s only public ramp is private, those moneys collected stay with Marina Limited.

Indiana DNR