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We are a vibrant lake community. And with your support, we can enact long-term, sustainable solutions for the benefit of current and future community members. Together we can lead the effort for a prosperous and healthy Geist Reservoir.

Creating a reservoir conservancy district allows property owners to have input on the management of the reservoir. While there are dozens of beneficial reasons to form the Geist Reservoir Conservancy District, the core rationale comes down to maintaining this tremendous community asset.

This petition is the first step in creating the Geist Reservoir Conservancy District and the start of a process to create a structure through which the homeowners around Geist can speak with one voice. It will create an equitable and sustainable revenue stream to allow for the restoration, preservation, and protection of the reservoir.

What this means to you is that if you live within the district area, you have a voice on how to manage the treatment of Geist Reservoir. There will be an initially appointed and then elected board of directors from each area that will represent your interests.