By: Ryan Kiely

We have noticed on social media that there has been a lot of talk about “Prop Drop Island.” There have been several reports of boaters damaging their boat props or hulls due to underwater concrete slabs or old bridge structures in the shallow waters of Geist Reservoir. Unfortunately, these incidences do not just happen around the infamous Prop Drop Island right across from the Geist Marina. 

The 70+ years of sediment deposits and lack of care-taking have made matters worse. These hazards have gotten a lot of attention lately and many of us are concerned for the dangers potentially posed. Serious accidents and injuries are a real threat and we are in agreement that action needs to be taken. 

Geist prop drop island

But the real question is “who” is going to take the action?

Fact of the matter is Geist Reservoir is privately owned by Citizens Energy Co., and underwater hazards and boat props are not their concern. The DNR has no responsibility to mark hazardous areas or try to alleviate the rising problems. To date, not one party has stepped up and taken responsibility financially or otherwise. 

Our proposed Geist Conservancy District will take responsibility and have the funding needed to address Prop Drop Island and all other current and future problems.  We very much care about the health of the lake and the boaters using it be that for fishing, recreational, or otherwise. Our own children swim, fish, and ski on these waters. 

It is imperative that all of us Geist District residents come together and approach the reservoir’s issues head on. We can no longer wait for Citizens Energy, DNR, City of Fishers or Indianapolis, Marina Limited, or any other group to own up to these problems and fund their solutions. We understand that transient boaters and visiting fishermen are vital to our local economy and should be welcomed with open arms. But at the same time, we must all do our part in restoring and preserving the lake’s health. We believe that this should be a common goal for us all: Geist residents, Geist visitors, and local businesses alike.

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