It’s no secret that Geist Lake is a great place for fishing. And while it’s well-known for being a popular spot for bass tournaments, our reservoir has plenty of other species to fish for as well. 

With countless coves and points that hold fish, you may be wondering what types of fish this 1,800-acre lake is home to. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most common species you can expect to catch when fishing around Geist Reservoir:


If you’re an angler on the hunt for some catfish, Geist Lake is a great place to catch some pretty hardy cats. Channel catfish are prevalent around the reservoir and feed on smaller fish and crawfish. You’ll have the best bet catching a catfish during the spring and fall, and you’ll want to look for them where there is rock, gravel, or other types of cover that attract baitfish. Those looking to snag a prized Flathead catfish should do so after dark near submerged logs or other large structures.


Walleye are delectable white meat, freshwater fish that eats smaller fish, insects, worms, and crustaceans. Your best bet when it comes to catching this toothy fish is going out in the heat of the summer once the sun goes down. These fish spawn in the spring, and learning their migration habits has been said to increase your luck of catching this tasty fish.


Geist is a great place to catch black or white crappies because these fish love hanging out beneath all the peers and docs around the lake. Another great fish to bring home for dinner, crappie fishing is most successful for anglers around the spring and fall when they move into shallower water. You can use jigs or live bait to catch crappies and are a relatively easy game to catch.


As mentioned previously, Geist Lake is a great place for bass fishing—even in the winter! From largemouth and smallmouth to spotted bass, anglers looking to catch bass at Geist Reservoir are in for a treat—as there are tons of tournaments where you can cash in on your catch. 


Due to these fish being prone to overpopulation, this is a great game for Geist anglers to get out and catch as many as they can. These fish are relatively easy to catch and can be found ​​wherever minnows, crustaceans, insects, and worms are present. 

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To stay up-to-date on bass tournaments and other fishing events around the Lake, be sure to follow our good friends over at the Geist Reservoir Fishing Community

And remember: if you are 18 years and older, you will need an Indiana Fishing License to fish on Geist.