Leading the Effort for a Prosperous and Healthy Geist Reservoir

Establishing a Geist Reservoir Conservancy District will allow property owners to ensure the reservoir is managed to preserve property values, restore damaged ecosystems, and maintain the lake for recreational use.

We are a vibrant lake community. And with your support, we can enact long-term, sustainable solutions for the benefit of current and future community members.

Our Focus


The lake offers plenty of benefits to the surrounding area, including higher property values! Maintaining the lake also maintains your home’s value.


Ecological balance preserves the native plant and animal species and reduces harmful effects of algal blooms and aquatic weeds.


The lake brings people together. We want to keep the fun going by controlling the vegetation to keep the lake safe for recreational use.

The Plan


Restore the integrity of the lake’s waters through catch basins, stream bank remediation, and reduce the pollutants and phosphorus that feed algae and aquatic weeds.


Preserve the lake for continued recreational use through ongoing maintenance dredging that will maintain shorelines, prevent further erosion, and improve depths which help control aquatic plant growth.


Protect the natural habitat by treating the invasive aquatic plants that are disrupting and destroying the lake’s ecosystem.

What’s Changed?

You may be familiar with the first petitions signed to create a conservancy district. Since the designation changed, we need your help to sign the new petition. The two major differences that come with the change include:


  1. Institution of a tax cap
  2. The removal of eminent domain

Quick Facts

Who lives in the proposed reservoir conservancy district?

How will this be funded?

In an attempt to place homeowners on equal footing, the district is proposing assessments based on home values. Once the reservoir conservancy district is formed, the district’s board of directors will determine the exact percentage. 

Similarly, proposed annual boat fees will help ensure that those who use the lake will contribute more to the funds that will keep the lake safe for recreational activity. For residents in the district, they’ll pay as little as 35 cents a day.

Assumed Homestead Net Assessed
Estimated Special Benefits Assessments
Proposed Motorized Watercraft Permit Fees
Proposed Non-District Annual Watercraft Permit$250

*Assumes Typical Homeowner Exemptions & Supplemental Homestead Deductions

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