Long-Time President and Co-Founder Brian Hall Steps Down, New President and Director of Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Announced

The Geist Lake Coalition board of directors announced today that long-time President Brian Hall has stepped down from his leadership role, naming Cory Peter as the new President and Keith Matthews as Secretary and Director of Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Program.

In a letter to Geist Lake Coalition volunteers and supporters, Hall cited “this almost 20-year volunteer effort has taken a toll on me, my family, my business and taken most all of my available time. I want to start working towards my retirement and there is no better time to step aside while blessed with motivated and competent leadership in place.”

Credited with co-founding the Geist Lake Coalition in 2000, Hall initiated and led the year-round fundraising program responsible for the July 4 th fireworks, Geist Blast on the Bridge, Geist Clean Up Days, and the Aquatic Weed and Algae Treatment Program. Over the past 6 years, Hall has led the Geist Conservancy District formation process and, most recently, the passage of House Bill 430 which successfully paves the way for an operating agreement with Citizens Energy.

“No one has done more for this Geist community than Brian Hall,” said incoming President Cory Peter of Canal Place. “His unwavering commitment and energy to tackle every problem that this 75-year-old reservoir is facing is exemplary. Now is time for our outstanding volunteer organization to step up and see this Conservancy District to the finish line.”

Cambridge resident Keith Matthews will be heading up the 2020 Aquatic Weed & Algae Treatment Program which is scheduled to begin in late May. Working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), the Geist Lake Coalition procures necessary weed spraying permits and best practices for the entire reservoir and then negotiates the contract with an Indiana-based aquatic treatment vendor. Historically, over 600 waterfront residents donate to the seasonal efforts to mitigate algae and invasive weeds.

Hall, along with co-founder Ed Villanyi, will remain active with the Geist Lake Coalition in advisory positions until the Geist Conservancy District is formed. At that point, the Geist Lake Coalition plans on dissolving and relinquishing the duties to the appointed, then elected Geist Conservancy District board of directors.

Please take a moment to read a personal message from Brian Hall to supporters of Geist Reservoir.